Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development Gandaki Province Vacancy

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development Gandaki province has announces vacancy for technical post.

Application Deadline :- 2077-05-05

Application Fee:- Rs. 1000 for Officer 7th level advertisement and Rs. 500 for Assistant 5th level advertisement.

You can download here Application Form :-

Until the vacancies in the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development and its subordinate bodies are filled, the posts of the service group as per the “Technical Manpower Selection Procedure 2077 in Service Contract” have to be filled through open competition method (Educational Qualification, Experience and Interview). Information has been published to invite applications from interested Nepali citizens.


1. Mechanical Engineer (Officer Level VII) – 3           

2. Hydro Geologist (Officer Level VII) –             

3. Civil Engineer (Officer Level 7) – 5              

4. Civil Sub-Engineer (Assistant Level V) –  24          

5. Mechanical Supervisor (Assistant Level 5) –         

6. Lab Technician (Auxiliary Level 5) –  3                  

7. Lab Assistant (4th level) – 9 people                       

Note: Applicants must login using their Gmail ID to apply online. 

Documents to be attached with the application form:

  1. Copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, passport size photo with biodata, copies of educational qualification certificate and work experience certificate in the related field.
  2. A copy of the certificate submitted with the application should be submitted along with the certificate.
  3. Must have obtained the prescribed educational qualification certificate within the last day of application. Equality must be disclosed
  4. If necessary, the opening documents will also have to be submitted. Applications that have not reached the due date and condition will not be registered.

How To apply ?

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