Gorkhapatra yuwamanch

Yuwamunch monthly Quiz

You can attend the onthly quiz following the given rule and send the question answer gorkhaptra office

you can get this results o next month

January month Current affairs

Gorkhapatra published on monthly newspaper yuwamaunch.

yuwamunch very helpful who prepare loksewa exam & other goverment exam prepare . yuwamunch published current affairs , subjective & objective question You can read here all of part subjective & objective

2076 push 21 to magh 21 current affairs

Objective question

Gorkhapatra published every month yuwamunch Losksewa material. its very helpful for student who prepared Loksewa, banking, and other sector.

Gorkhapatra also provide every Wednesday loksewa study  material like current affair general knowledge and written question. Gorkhapatra Published every month yuwamunch Losksewa material its helpful for loksewa student who prepared Loksewa, banking, and other.

subjective question and answer

Yuwamanch PDF

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