Ministry of Social Development Province No 2 vacancy notice for Volunteer

  1. (A) 80% marks for obtaining percentage of educational qualification certificate
    (B) Geographical Regional Based on – 5% score
    (C) Candidates from inclusive constituencies specified by the Public Service Commission – 5% marks
    (D) Number of interviews. (Short list ) will be published based on the demand number of the candidate who gets the highest marks by calculating the marks as above 10% and the final qualification of the composition will be published after interviewing the candidates from the Shon LR with 10% marks.
  2. Place of application: Application can be made to the district health office of the district in which you want to volunteer.
  3. Application deadline: Within 15 days from the date of publication of the notice. The application form can be downloaded and passed from the Ministry’s website: www.mond.plgov.np.
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