Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Vacancy for technical post

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has published vacancy notice for technical post. interested candidates can be apply within 15 days of the publication of the notice

  1. Description of the post sought: Service: Technical, Group: AFS, Level: IV, Post: Assistant
  2. Demand Post Number: 18 (Eighteen)
  3. Place of application: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Department of Administration, Baber Mahal, Kathmandu
  4. Minimum Educational Qualifications Required: Passed SEE or equivalent from a recognized educational institution and received basic training on rescue and fire prevention from an institution related to civil aviation.
  5. Last date to apply: 2000/12/11 within office hours.
  6. Types of exams: Experimental and interview.
  7. Examination Center: T.A.V. The interview of the candidates who have passed the experimental examination will be held on 15th April, 2000 at the NEA Head Office, Baber Mahal.
  8. Examination Fee: Rs. 800 / – (four hundred)
  9. Application Form Fee: Rs. 100.- (one hundred)
  10. Place to deposit form fee and examination fee: Account no. Of this authority located in any of the branch offices of NMB Bank. Must be deposited at 0010012611500043.
  11. Last day to apply: In case of public holiday, application form can be filled up till tomorrow.
  12. Date of Experimental Examination: April 13, 2000 at 11:00 AM
  13. Age limit: In case of a man, he has completed 18 years of age and has not reached 35 years of age.
    : In case of women, they have completed 18 years and have not reached 80 years of age.
  14. Place of work: Offices under NEA.
  15. Salary facility: will be as per the rules of NEA.
  16. The application form should be accompanied by Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Educational Qualification and Certificate of Character (open age), certified copies of basic training related to rescue and fire prevention as well as cash receipt of application for the post related to advertisement.
  17. Candidates who have passed the foreign ward and obtained educational qualification will have to attach the proof of equivalence.
  18. If further information is required in this regard, it can be obtained from the Administration Department of NEA Head Office.

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