Gandaki University Vacancy Notice

As the open competition for academic and administrative posts for Gandaki University Pokhara is to be filled in the contract service, eligible Nepali citizens are invited to submit the application form to the office of the University Mustangchowk, Pokhara within 21 days from the date of first publication and then pay double fee for 7 days.
No action will be taken on the applications which have been received late and have not reached the due date.

Minimum educational qualifications and experience required:

  1. Associate Professor (Information and Technology, Information Technology): – At least one year of teaching and research experience after passing postgraduate level or similar first class in related subject or similar subjects (IT ICT) or similar from a recognized educational institution. Must have published at least three research articles in national or international journals.
  2. Civil Engineer: – Passed B.E Civil or equivalent from a recognized educational institution.
  3. Lab Assistant: – Passed +2 (Science Group Eleven-Bah) or equivalent from a recognized educational institution.
    4 Technical Assistant (Computer Operator): – From a recognized educational institution. 2 (Computer Science: Eleven-Bahawa 3 years Diploma in Computer Science)
  4. Administrative Assistant: Passed from a recognized educational institution.2 (eleven-twelve) or equivalent. Being able to submit proof as he has taken library training.
  5. Administrative Assistant, Accountant: – Passed +2 (eleven-twelve) or equivalent in management or commerce or similar subjects from a recognized educational institution.
  6. Driver: Passed class eight and obtained driver’s license for group A, B (car jeep etc.) for light vehicle driver and group (truck, bus, lorry etc.) for heavy vehicle driver
  7. Office Assistant: Passed eight classes.
  8. Kuchikar: Passed eight classes. Age limit: Not less than 50 years for employees and not more than 58 years for teachers. Where to get the application form: The application form and the syllabus of the posts for the written examination can be obtained by downloading it by going to the Career of Gandaki University website. The list of eligible applicants and the schedule of written examination will be published later on the website of the University in this notice and the information published earlier.

P.S .: For detailed information- 3; Phone No: 061-460249, 460250, 460251.
Office of Manpower Management Committee
Gandaki University

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