TU Service Commission exam schedule and exam center

TU Service Commission has made public the examination schedule and examination center for administrative and technical posts.

1) The list of eligible candidates for the examination has been published on the website of TRI Service Commission: www.tuservicecommission.edu.np.

2) If the examination of the candidate applying in two or more subjects in the mentioned examination schedule falls on the same day, a written application may be submitted to the office of the Commission during the office hours within 2077 BS. If such application is received, the Commission will try to arrange the examination schedule without duplication as much as possible. 3) The examinee must follow the conduct related to the examination. 4) The rules that the examinee has to follow are also kept in the website as well as in the admission card.
5) Admission card can be printed from the website of the Commission from 15th January, 2077. Admission card must be printed in color.
6) When the examinee comes to join the examination, he / she must come to the examination center one hour before with the admission card and full citizenship.
7) The procedure of writing the answer sheet in the answer sheet and the condition of cancellation of the answer sheet is provided in the “Procedure for Use of Answer Sheet and Examination Regulation, 2077” by the examinee. can be viewed and downloaded at tuservicecommission.edu.np.
8) The examinee must follow the essential public health standards to be followed in the context of COVID-19 determined by the Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal.

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