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Exam Schedule: 4Yrs B.A., B.Ed., B.B.S.& B.Sc. 1st Year- (Regular-2079,Partial-2078)

Tribhuvan University, Office of Controller of Examination, Balkhu, has published a notice regarding the exam schedule for both 4 years BA, BBS, B.Sc & B.Ed first Year- examination 2079 in both regular and partial side.

DateSubjects Code No.
2079 11 01General En lish En Ed. -411
2079/11/02Compulsory Nepali(Nep.Ed.)-401
2079/11/03Philosophical & Sociological Foundation of Education Ed.-412
2079/11/04Major Subjects (Specialization)-416,Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math.Ed. /Sc.Ed.(Chemistry-1)Hp.Ed./Pop.Ed./Geo.Ed./Hist.Ed./Eco.Ed./ Pol.Sc.Ed./Ed.Pm./So.std.-416
2079/11/05Major Subjects(Specialization)-417 Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math Hist.Ed. Eco.Ed. Poi.Sc.Ed. Ed.Pm. So.Std.-417
2079/11/08Minor Subjects(Specialization-418) Eng.Ed./Nep.Ed./Math.Ed./Sc.Ed.(Animal Sc.-418)/Hp.Ed./Pop.Ed. /Geo.Ed./Hist.Ed./Eco.Ed./P01.Sc.Ed./Ed.Pm.
2079 11 10Eco.Ed. P.Ed.-419,Sc.Ed. Plant Science-418

Exam Schedule: 4Yrs B.A., B.Ed., B.B.S.& B.Sc. 1st Year(Regular-2079,Partia1-2078

4 Yrs B.A.1st Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2079 11 01Com .En lish-401
2079 11 02Geo ra h Buddhist Studies Lin uistics Histo Culture-421
2079/11/03Music/Psychology/Journalism and Mass Communication/Dance/Pop.Studies /Rural Development/Flium Studies/Economics-421
2079/11/04English/Nepali/Hindi/Nepal Bhasha/Maithili/Sanskriti-421
2079 11 05Anthro ology/Philoso hy/Sociology/Social Work-422
2079/11/08Music/Psychology/Journalism and MassCommunication/Dance/Pop.Studies/ Rural Development/Flim Studies/Economics.-422
2079/11/10Geography/Buddhist Studies/Linguistics/History/Culture-422
2079 11 11Mathmatics Home Sc. Polotical Sc.-421
2079 11 12En lish Ne ali Hindi Ne al Bhasha Maithili Sanskrit-422
2079 11 14Anthro 010 Philoso h Sociolo                 Social Work-422
2079 11 15Mathematics Home Sc. Political Sc. -422

4 Yrs B.B.S.1st Year

Date Sub•ects Code No.
2079 1101Financial Acc.& Anal sis Accountin for Fin. Anal sis MGT.-211
2079 1103Business En lish MGT.-201
2079 1105Micro Eco.For Business MGT.-207 Micro Eco.-203
2079 1108Princi al of Mana ement MGT.-213
2079 1110Business Statitics MGT.-202

4 Yrs B.Sc.1st Year

Date Sub•ects Code No.
2079 1101Scientific Communication-101
2079 1103Chemist Statistics-101
2079 1105Geolo Envirnoment Sc. Meteorolo-101
2079 1108Ph sics Microbiolo -101
2079 1110Mathematics Zoolo -101
2079 1112Mathematics-102 Botan -101

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