Notice:- About the schools selected for sample development to send details for profiles

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In this regard, we { Manab Bikash Srot Kendra } are aware that the form has been prepared for the purpose of preparing profiles by collecting the school progress reports of the schools that have been selected for the model development from different parts of the country at different stages since FY 2073/74. The school progress and profile form (page 11) is attached. In this regard, it is requested to do as follows.

A. To make arrangements to fill the progress and profile form and send it to cehrd.ss@gmail.com by 11th September, 2077.

B. To submit a print copy of the school profile at the appropriate time,

C. The link to fill the online form will be sent to the email address of the school. D, The 200 schools that have been selected in FY 075/076 and FY 076/77 and are in the process of being developed will be contacted later.

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