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Hurried trip to avoid a bad star

Hurried trip to avoid a bad star

MR.Lilla/ C Bishop Berry

Hurried trip to avoid bad star is an essay which is written by M.lilla and Bishop berry who are the two American geographers. It is taken from their article “karnali Roadless of western Nepal” which was published in the national geographic in 1971. They had spent 15 month living in the hill of the western part of the Nepal. They write in this essay what they had found at that time. While they studied the life style of the people. They pointed out of the problems and gave suggestion to solve them. Karnali is the remote area of Nepal most of the people of karnali are poor. They are uneducated conservative and traditional minded. Their lifestyle is challenging and miserable. Because of the geographical condition, it is far behind in development, transportation, school, hospitals, and other modern facilities. The land is not productive. They depend on southern lowland for food, job, education. They bring medical herbs, hand-knit sweaters, blankets, silajit etc. in Nepalgunj and sell them going to door to door. With the money they buy necessary goods like rice, oil, spices, clothes, iron, gold etc. they are unware about the environment and future generation. The don’t know the affect of deforestation like floods, landsides etc. so they are clearing the forest to feed their animal and other proposed.

So to improve the condition of Karnali people, many kinds of facilities like education, communication, transportation, health and job opportunities should be proved to them.

Hurried trip to avoid a bad star important question

What did the two writer learn about the life and culture of the people of karnali region during their journey on foot?

The two writers lear about the culture of the people of the karnali region during their journey on foot. They are as follows:

Karnali region is rich according to the natural resources point of view but it is underdeveloped area according to the development point of view because here are lack of basic facilities such as electricity, school , road, hospital and communication.

Most of the people are uneducated

People are innocent ad conservative

People are totally depending upon traditional concept.

Most of the people are unemployed and the whole are is depending upon  with low and regions.

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