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About love is love story written by a famous Russian dramatist and a story writer anton Chekhov. This story is especially about love- the love story writer tries to show the that love is different in every situation.  In this story three different love stories are told in order to prove that love is always different in every situation. Alyhoin, the narrator of this story is an unsuccessful lover. So he defines loves as hindrance as a source of dissatisfaction and irritation. Love is not bounded be material relation, color, caste, age, prestige, physical relation etc. in this story, the writer presents the three dimensional love stories:

The first love is of Nikanor and Palegeya

The second is of Alyohin and arussian girl.

The third is Alyohin and a married women anna.

In the beginning, of the story, we find Alyohin, Ivan and Bukrin went to the restaurant for breakfast. While they are eating they saw Nikanorm the cook of the restaurant, than Alyohin started to tell the love story between Nikanor and Pelageya who worked at the same restaurant. According to Alyohin, ill-tempered drunkard, Nikanor is in love with Pelageya, she is cute, slim structured and charming girl. Nikanor was not handsome. He used to drink wind and beat her. He was devoted and his religious beliefs doesn’t allow him to live just so on the other hand Pelegeya did not want to marry with him, she only wanted to stay with him, although he gave many psychological and physical torture to her. She loved him too much. Although there were not husband and wife but they loved to each other too much. It means love is not limited only in the material relation or marriage, love is great mystery or a person happiness. So this is a violent love affair.

In the course of having dinner Alyohin tells the second love story to his friends. The second love story is about Alyohin himself with a university girl where he was studying law course. She only loved his property but not him. She loves him only to manage her daily household works, he lost much money to the girl but when he unable to provide money their love couldn’t success. This love affairs represents selfish love or minatory love affair. This love between them signifies that love and money are the two wheels of a cart and money plays vital role in love.

After narrating two love stories, then Alyohin further told next story. When he completed his study he had to pay the debts. So he went to the village called sofyino an started farming. Sometimes later he was elected as a judge in a town. In the course of his job, he meets another judge Luganovich. One day luganovich, he meet Anna Alexevan, Laganovich wife. She has also six-month child, he was especially attracted by Anna because she was cute, kind, intelligent, fascinating, married women as he had never seen such a type of women before. She also impressed by Alyohin’s personality so they fell in love with each other. They spend a lot of time going on threaten, beach, cinema hall together. They love each other very truly, their love was very sincere but they couldn’t express their love openly because there is a social barrier between them. Because of the unexpressed love anna suffered from mental sickness. So she had to go cinema for treatment. According to doctor advice. Alyohins meets her on train compartment. At that time of the separation they both carried and held to each other. Alyohins kissed in her hand and told her that he loved her a lot and they separate forever.

The third kind of love shows that this is a kind of hidden love or unexpressed and genuine love which most educated people do.  

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