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The grandmother

The grandmother Ray young bear Summary

The poem “the grandmother” is composed by an American Indian poet and novelist Ray young Bear. The poet concentrates on his grandmother and presents her as all loving kind and inspiring as well as he has tried to manifest his intimate relation with her by showing deep love, affection and respect towards her.

Though his grandmother is no longer in this world, the image of her i.e wearing a purple scarf round her head and holding a plastic shopping bag in her hand often comes to the poet, her love laden voice and feels of her hands have been printed in his mind forever.

The poet says that he cannot see his grandmother’s shape, nor feel her hands on his head,, nor hear her voice coming from the rock.

He can only think what he would do if he saw her shape, felt her hands on his head and heard her voice. He could feel that her words were moving smoothly inside him like a stream, her voice gives him a kind of inspiration in every difficulties of his life. This poem is a remembrance poem, it reflects the socio-economic condition and the lost cuture of American-indians especially Mesquaki tribes. This poem is metaphorical expression of the painful awareness of their identity loss. It shows the Negro women are lovely, practical ordinary traditional and simple.

What are the four things that Ray Young Bear remember about his grandmother?

Purple scarf, plastic bags, her hands and voice.

What is the main idea of the poem grandmother? Love and kindness never dies. Grandmother has become a me inspiration for the poet. She is all –loving, all inspiring and a source of th for his life.

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