Curriculum Framework 2077

curriculum framework 6,7,8 :-PDf

class 4,5 :-pdf

class 1,2, 3:- PDf

You can Download PDF Here class 9, 10 :- Curriculum Development Centre

CREDIT:- Curriculum Development Centre

The curricular outcomes can be achieved through various activities done in or

outside the classroom. As the same curricular outcome can be represented in various

contents as presentation, consolidation and production stages, the contents in the

curriculum can be in sync with the learning outcomes. Those contents similar or

designed for the fulfillment of the same learning outcome can be adjusted. In the

context of Covid-19 pandemic, the curricular contents of English subject have been

adjusted for the convenience of teachers and students.

The Secondary Level English curriculum presents the language skill based learning

outcomes and function based presentation. So the skill-wise learning outcomes are to

be fulfilled through a variety of tasks. The teachers have to deal with all the language

functions with the basic prerequisite tasks that are essential for the attainment of the

skill wise learning outcomes. However, they can make adjustment in the curricular

contents by assigning some tasks as self-study tasks for the students. The following

tables gives the teachers the way to make the adjustment in the contents.

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