Kharidar Question and answer 2076

kharidar question 2076 & Local Level [ Sthaniya Taha] 4TH Level Question Answer

Kharidar Question 2076

When the prime minister employment program has inaugurated by nepali primeminister ?

2075 Fagun 1

Which is the first daily newspaper in Nepal ?


When Gautam Buddha was born ?

BC 563

Which is the capital of Maldives ?


In which game the term “ corner kick “ is used ?


What is G2G concept related to ?

Foreign employment

Who won the 21th world cup football championship in 2018 ?


Which star is known as morning star ?





Which is the difference between each degree change of longitude ?

Two minutes

Four minutes

Six minutes

Eight minutes

Which on is the largest glacier in the world ?





Considering the area of the ocean, which of the following is the right order these oceans ,frim the smallest to the largest ?

Pacific- Indian – Antarctic- arctic

Arctic – Antarctic- Indian-pacific

Antarctic – arctic – Indian – Atlantic – pacific

Arctic – Antarctic – Indian – Atlantic – pacific

Which districts of Nepal touch to the boarder of both china and india?

Taplejung and Darchula

Which one is the famous place for Slate ?


Which of the following is considering as the first prime minister of republic of india ?

Jawaharlal Nehru

How many times Matrika Prasad koirala became the prime minister of Nepal ?

Two Times

Malaria :Mosquito ::?

Cholera : Water

Choose the odd which is different from the rest ?





Rajan started to walk from his house toward west. After 0 meter he turned to the the right and walked 15 meter. Them he turned to the right again and walked 10m. after this he is turned his right an angel 90 and walking, now in which direction is he facing ?


Is room is called bed, bed is called sky, sky is called flower and flower is called tree, then what does a person sleep ?

In the sky

Some boys are standing in a row, kamal is standing is fourteenth place from the left and risab eight from the right. If there are four boys between kamal and rishab, how many boys are in a row ?


Who started to celebrate indra jatra ?

Jayaprakash malla

Which place is considered to be the origin place of Nepal language ?


What is the name of the first foreign joint venture bank to starts its operation in Nepal ?

Nepal Bangladesh Bank

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