Regarding the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal.

The following are the relevant points to facilitate the educational activities of the schools by complying with the public health standards and safety standards of the schools that are closed due to COVID-19. It is requested to take necessary action in this regard.

(1) If the results of the academic session 2076 are yet to be published, the results shall be published.

 (2) To enroll new students from 1st August, 2077 and numerical details of students in class wise

To make sure, to fill in the educational statistics of the enrolled students

(3) To make available textbooks to the students studying in the new academic session if any.

 (4) Arrangement for the school teachers to reach the school for conducting the educational activities of the school

(5) Not to conduct quarantine and isolation works in the school building and premises. Criteria for quarantine and isolation of school buildings

To purify the local level accordingly and make it suitable for teaching and learning.

(6) Not to have Covid-19 prevention and control structures within the school and school premises and in such a way as not to adversely affect the student movement or ___ near the school area.

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