Coding & Decoding

SUMMER is coded as RUNNER then Code WINNER.

          a) SUITER                    b) VIOOER                      c) WALKER               d) SUFFER

  • MIND become KGLB is and ARGUE becomes YPESC. Then DIAGRAM becomes?
    • BGYEPYK                     b) BGYPYEK      c) GLPEYKB       d) LKBGYPK
  • SIGHT is written as FVTUG, How is REVEAL written?
    • YNRIRE           b) DQHQMX       c) FSJSOZ            d) ERIRNY 
  • BELIEF is written as AFKKDI. How is SELDOM written?
    • RDKCNL         b) RFKENM         c) RFKFNP           d) TFKENP
  • SPRING is written as UNUFRC. How MOBILE is written?

          a)KQEFPA        b) OMDGNC                   c) OMDGPA              d) OMEFPA

  • GOLD is coded as HOME, COME is coded as DONF and CORD is coded as DOSE, how would you code of SONS?

          A) TPOT                        b) TOOT                            c) TOOS                 d) TONT

  • POND is coded as RSTL, How is HEAR written?
    • GHIJ b) GHIZ                 c) JIGZ                  d) JCLZ 
  • TELEPHONE is written as ENOHPELET. How is ALIGATOR
  • CAT is written as SATC and DAR is written as SARD. How would GIN?
    • SNIG           b) SING                  c) GINS                 d) NONE OF THESE
  • SYSTEM is coded as SYSMET and NEARER as AENRER, Then FRACTION will be coded as
  1. CARFNOIT     b) NOITFRAC      c) FRACNOIT     d) CARFTION KAVERI is written as VAKIRE. How is MYSORE written as?
    1. EROSYM         b) MYSORE          c) SYMERO         d) none of these

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