TSC Online exam set 6

TSC Online Exam Set 6

Where is the “War Memorial Park” being constructed to reflect the wars of different times? – Kirtipur

How many types of paper nets have been exported in Nepal so far? -Answer-11

Thum administration What period is related to local administration? -Kirat period

Where does the concept of right to information come from? – # Sweden

When was the Gurkha Language Publication Committee established? – 1969

Who is the formal initiator of Nepal’s history? – Baburam Acharya

The bloody court is related to which historical event of the world? – A glorious revolution

In which district does the area of ​​archeological importance belong to Sainamina? -Rupandehi

If the selling price is doubled, the profit is doubled. What is the profit percentage? -100

If the word MADE is coded by 13145 then what is coded by group? -71205

T, R, P, N, L, _, _- JH #

Find the mismatch in the group. – #Akbar

What is the first task of educational management? – # Planning

 For how many years is the annual implementation of the plan prepared according to the school improvement plan framework? -5 #

What is the full form of DRR used in the context of disaster management? -Disaster Risk Reduction

How many leadership styles does the leadership management grid theory seek to develop? -5 #

How long is the current open school of basic level class 6-8? -2 #

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