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Rastriya Banijya Bank Vacancy

Information regarding filling up the application form
(Published Date: 2077/07/22) As per the provision in Regulation 109 of the Employee Service Regulations 2070 of this Bank, the post of Specialist in Contract Service has to be filled. The form has been called. All the details to be filled in the application form prescribed by the bank along with the required educational qualification certificates and passport size photo for your Nepali citizenship and the applicant post must be scanned and attached. No action will be taken on the online application which has not met the required minimum educational qualifications and has not paid the prescribed examination fee. Also Government of Nepal or any organized institution or bank. Dismissed from the service of a financial institution with disqualification in the future, convicted by a court on criminal charges of moral turpitude, bank as per regulations and directives issued by Nepal Rastra Bank. A person designated to be ineligible for appointment to any position in a financial institution, bank. No action will be taken on the application of the person who has been blacklisted without paying the loan of the financial institution and the candidates who are mentally unbalanced. If the online application form is filled by mentioning the Bhuta details, the applicant will be responsible for it. Exam fee should also be submitted online through RBB Mobile Banking or e-Sewa or Connect IPS. This information also informs that there is no provision for understanding the examination fee through other means.

Rastriya Banijya Bank Vacancy

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