Teacher Job Vacancy

Volunteer Teacher Vacancy at Surunga Municipality

Regarding the publication of advertisement for the post of volunteer teacher. As per the decision of the Volunteer Teacher Selection Committee dated 2077-06-27, to fill the shortage of teachers in the community schools run under Surunga Municipality, Saptari, the following volunteer teacher posts have to be filled on service contract.

Documents required to be submitted with the application:
A. 1 copy of the original receipt of the examination fee at the specified place, b. 1 copy of Nepali citizenship certificate, c. For the inclusive group, the recommendation of the concerned body that “it belongs to the caste / group / community” is 1 copy, d. Certificates of Minimum Educational Qualification: Certificate of Merit, Copy of Character Certificate 1/1 copy, e. 1 copy of the permanent teaching permit issued by the Teacher Service Commission for the concerned level. Teaching if you have worked in a community school as an approved post or relief teacher at the relevant level
Certificate of Experience The original copy of the recommendation, is. 1 copy of equivalent certificate if studied in a foreign educational institution or university.

Last date to fill the application form: December 20, 2077.

Place and time to submit application form: Education, Youth and Sports Branch from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Curriculum for the written examination: The new syllabus for the year 2076 prescribed by the Teacher Service Commission for the respective level and subject can be viewed at www.tsc.gov.np. 6. Types of exams and written exam plans: written exams, experimental exams and interviews as needed.

Application Form and Examination Fee: Application Form Fee Rs. 30 / – (thirty). For a single advertisement using the examination fee, Rs. 500 / – (five hundred) and for advertisement of additional inclusive group Rs. 400 / – (four hundred). Receipt will be provided from the specified place after paying the examination fee.

Date, time and place of the examination: Information regarding the date, time and place of the written examination will be published later. The date, time and place of the interview will be determined and published along with the result of the written test. If the experimental examination is required, it will be as specified by the volunteer teacher selection committee.

The municipality will appoint the candidates who will be recommended for appointment through the examination system.

Before the municipality appoints volunteer teachers, the list of community schools to be posted will be published and the recommended candidates will be selected and the schools to be appointed will be determined on the basis of merit list.

Candidates from inclusive groups can compete from only one group. However, this provision will not apply to women.

Volunteer teachers receive a monthly subsistence allowance of Rs. 15,000.- and Rs. 18,000.- and Rs. 5,000 / – per annum as dress allowance.

In the copies of the certificate submitted along with the application form, the candidate himself / herself should have certified that the copy is correct as per the original

Details mentioned in the application form: Candidate’s name / surname, address, advertisement no., Post, level, subject, open and inclusive group.

If it is necessary to change or amend any details in the information / advertisement, the office may change or amend up to 5 days before the last date of application. All rights relating to information advertisement shall be vested in this office.

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