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Rastriya Banijya Bank RBB Vacancy 2078

Rastriya Banijya Bank RBB Vacancy 2078

Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited today published the vacancy notice at the various posts in all provinces.

check Rastriya Banijya Bank RBB Vacancy 2078 Details Here : PDF


As the vacancies in various levels and posts of Rastriya Banijya Bank have to be filled through open competition as per the agreement of the Public Service Commission, the interested Nepali citizens who have reached the required minimum educational qualification and have not committed any crime are invited to fill the online application form from 2078-07-15. . Fill in all the details to be filled in the Online Application Form prescribed by the Bank along with a transcript of your Nepali citizenship and the final educational qualification prescribed for the post to be applied for, along with a certificate of character and equivalent certificate obtained from a country other than Nepal. The photo must be scanned and attached.

Candidates working in the Government of Nepal or in the institute owned by the Government of Nepal must also scan and attach the departmental approval.
No action will be taken on the online application which has not met the required minimum educational qualifications and has not paid the prescribed examination fee. In addition, he has been dismissed from the service of the Government of Nepal or any organization or bank financial institution with disqualification in the future, has been found guilty by the court in a criminal case of moral turpitude, and has been specified as disqualified to be appointed to any post of a bank or financial institution. Person, bank. No action will be taken on the application of the person who has been blacklisted without paying the loan of the financial institution, the person who has not reached the specified age or has reached the age limit, the mental balance is not right and the candidates who have been barred from appearing in the examination by the Public Service Commission.

If the online application form is filled by mentioning false details, the applicant will be responsible for it.
Examination fee should also be paid through the medium provided online (RBB Mobile Banking or e-Sewa or Khalti or NamastePay or other specified).

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