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Purgatory:- W.B Yeats

Purgatory simply means making somebody clean and pure. It is also the place to remove sin , evil, and misdeeds.

Purgatory is a famous dram which is written by W>B Yeats who is famous poet and dramatist. This play explores the relations of human life with supernatural forces as well as we are always punished for our sins. Is a man does immoral things or sins while he is alive he suffers a lot in purgatory.

The scene of the drama is that there are two character. An old man and his son standing in front of the brunt house. The old man tells his son about the destruction of the house and his family. According to him, his mother was a rich lady. She fell in love with a servant who worked at their stable. Although there were many kind of objection, at last they got married. After  the marriage, he started to spend the money of his wife on wine, women’s and cards. He gave psychological and physical torture to his wife. He didn’t want to give  any kind of proper education to his son. He also didn’t want to give property to his son. So that there was disturbance environment in the house. His mother died and one day his house brunt down. The same son was telling a story to his son. Every year, he saw he saw the soul of his mother weeping on windows. He although that his father has the cause of it. One day his father drank a lot so he killed his father with a knife and threw him into the fire. When the father completed his story at that time the boy demanded the property because he was also already 16. At that time , the old man killed to his own son by the same knife. By which he had killed his father because he wanted to stop the chain/cycle of violence for forever and he wanted to release the soul of his mother from purgatory.

Why did the old man kill his own son ?

The old man killed his own son to stop the circle of violence which passes from generation to generation. Moreover he didn’t want to give any property to his son. But the son demanded his share  

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