Public Holiday in Nepal for 2077

Public Holidays in Nepal 2077

The government has made public the list of public holidays to be given by the central government in the new year 2077 BS.The gazette issued by Secretary Maheshwar Neupane mentions 52 Saturday leave. The new year will be on April 1.

The government has decided to give leave on different days. Labor Day is on April 3, Constitution Day is on leave on September 19, and only women are on leave on March 7, Women’s Day. Employees with similar disabilities have leave on November 3.

For the Dashai, leave has been given from 7 to 11 October. Leave is given from Phoolpati to Ekadashi. There is a holiday for Laxmi Puja on October 13, Mha Puja on October 12 and Bhaitika on November 1.

​ List of All Public Holidays in Nepal for 2077 BS

  • New Year – Baishakh 1
  • Labor Day- (Baishakh 19),
  • Buddha Jayanti (Baishakh 25),
  • Constitution Day (Asoj 3)
  • Dashain Bida (Kartik 7- kartik 11),
  • Tihar Bida (Kartik 29-Mangsir1).
  • Women Day Fagun 24
  • Shivaratri –Fagun-27
  • Fagu purnima – Chait 15 & Chait 16 (Tarai Districts)

Kathmandu Valley

  • Gaijatra Srawan 20,
    • Indrajatra Bhadra -16
    • Ghodejatra Chait-29
    • Machindranath- Chait- 29
    • Haritalika Teej –Bhadra-5( Only Woman)
    • Udhauli festival (Baisakh 25),
    • Gaura festival (Bhadra-10),
    • Eidul Fitr, Chhatpavar (Mangsir-5),
    • Christmas Day (push-10),
    • Udhauli festival (Paush-15),
    • Maghsankranti (Magh-1). ,
    • Sonam Lhasar (Magh-30),
    • Galpo Lhasar (chait-1)

Government of Nepal has made the list of Public holidays in Nepal for Nepali calendar 2077 BS (2020-2021 AD).

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