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Preparation for regular School from Bhadra 15


Kathmandu, July 26: There is a possibility of regular class at the school level from September 30. As the government has paved the way for enrollment of students from September 20 in compliance with the standards related to public health and safety, the possibility of regular classes in schools has increased from September 30.
Generally, the government has given 15 days for enrollment of students and then it is the practice of the past to conduct regular classes, so this time internal preparations have been made to follow the same procedure. It is planned to make a final decision on this issue by analyzing the situation up to Saun.
The government has already decided to open it for student admission, education and examination from September 20. Gehnath Gautam, director of the Center for Education and Human Resource Development, said that in the past, the government would give 15 days to prepare students for admission and then start regular classes. He says that there is a possibility of reading from mid-August if the infection of corona does not increase

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