Mero Share Mobile App

CDS & Clearing has unveiled my stock mobile app. CDS has released Mero Share’s mobile app for testing since Wednesday.Through the app, the investor has provided services out of all the features in the web version of Mero Share, except for the features currently within My Ashwa. CDSC has stated that all the facilities including My Ashwa will be fully operational in the near future.

CDS believes that investors can feel more comfortable and agile when using the Mero Share service through the app. Even though it has been made public for testing, CDS has urged to be careful as the transactions made through the app will be official.

Currently, it is only available on the Android operating system and will soon be available on the iOS operating system as well, CDSC said.

It has been providing facilities such as viewing the details of shares held in its beneficiary account, viewing portfolio of market value, weighted average calculation of cost of shares owned by it, issuance of electronic certificate for handing over to the concerned member for post-transaction clearance and redemption and application for primary shares.

How to download Mero share Mobile App ?

Click here and download your android phone.

To download the Mero Share app

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