Nepal Pragya Partisthan vacancy

Nepal pragya partisthan has today published the vacancy notice for kharidar and nayab subba. This examination is taken by loksewa aayog.

  1. Application form can be obtained from the sales room of Pragya-Pratishthan by paying Rs. 100 / -.
  2. Examination Fee: Rs.600 / – (six hundred) for the post of Deputy Subba, Assistant First (as R.P.A.N. First Class), Buyer, Rs.400 / – for the post of Assistant II (as R.P.A.N. Second Class). – (Four hundred) and Naib Subba, Assistant First (like R.P.A.N. First Class) for each inclusive group, additional Rs. An additional Rs. 200 / – (two hundred) for each inclusive group.
  3. Deadline for submission of application: Application can be submitted within 21 days from the date of publication of the notice and within 7 days from the date of expiry of double fee.
  4. Place to submit application: Nepal Pragya-Pratishthan, Administration Branch.
  5. The written examination will be conducted by the Public Service Commission as per the annual schedule. Its detailed. Information will be published later.
  6. The medium of written examination will be Nepali or English or both.
  7. Along with the application, a certificate of educational qualification obtained from a recognized educational institution, a certificate of training if received and also a certificate of Nepali citizenship and a gross cash receipt of the examination fee should be submitted to the financial administration branch of the institution. Of each certificate
    In the copy, the candidate himself has to sign that the copy is correct as per the original.
  8. In the case of Adivasi / Janajati candidates, the castes listed in the Nepal Adivasi / Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan Act will be based on the list of the Act, but if there is more than one surname within the caste listed in the Nepal Adivasi / Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan Act, the surname listed by the Chief District Officer Proof of yes will have to be submitted along with the application.
  9. Candidates applying for open and inclusive women and Adivasi / Janajati quota will have to fill the application form and submit it along with the prescribed fee by putting a round mark (0) in the specified group.
  10. Salary and other facilities: will be in accordance with the prevailing rules of Nepal Pragya-Pratishthan. 11. Must have reached 18 years of age by the last date of application and not less than 35 years for male candidates and 40 years for female candidates. Age limit, educational qualification and training will not be calculated for the period of submission of application after paying double fee.
  11. Candidates who have obtained academic degree from a foreign educational institution can apply for the same from the concerned body of Nepal. Proof of equivalence of educational qualification obtained must be submitted.
  12. Other information and syllabus related to the examination can be found on the website of this institute
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