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Nepal Parichaya

Table of Contents
Chapter: One
Geographical Introduction to Nepal
1.1 Geographical Location
1.2 Geographical Division
1.2.1 Division of Nepal based on Topographical Features
1.2.2 Division of Nepal on the basis of River
1.2.3 Division of Nepal on the basis of Climate
1.3 Natural Resources of Nepal
1.3.1 Land
1.3.2 Forests
1.3.3 Minerals
1.3.4 Water Resources
1.3.5 Lakes, Pools and Ponds
1.4 Population of Nepal
1.5 National Parks, Wildlife Reserve, Hunting Reserve,
Conservation Area and Protected Wildlife of Nepal
1.6 Cultural and Natural Heritages of Nepal Enlisted in
World Heritage List
1.6.1 The Cultural Heritages Enlisted in World
Heritage List
1.6.2 The Natural Heritages Enlisted in World
Heritage List 56
1.6.3 Potential World Heritage Sites
Chapter: Two
A Brief Historical Outline of Nepal
2.1 Nepal as an Ancient Country
2.2 The bases behind the naming of Nepal
2.2.1 Linguistic Base
2.2.2 Clan Base
2.3 The Evolution of Nepal Valley
2.4 The Ancient Nepal
10/Nepal Parichaya
2.4.1 The GopalbamshiRulers
2.4.2 The Mahispalbamshi Kings
2.4.3 The Kiratbamshi Kings 67
2.4.4 Lichchhavi Period 68
2.4.5 Pre Medieval Period 74
2.4.6 The Karnatak State of Simraungadh 74
2.4.7 The Khas State of Karnali Region 75
2.4.8 The Shakya Ruled State of Kapilvastu 76
2.5 Medieval Period 77
2.5.1 Introduction to Malla Dynasty 77
2.5.2 The Arrival of the Mallas in Nepal 78
2.5.3 The Division of the Malla States 79
2.6 Modern Period 81
2.6.1 Introduction to Shah Dynasty 82
2.6.2 The Establishment of the State of Gorkha 83
2.6.3 Prithivi Narayan Shah and Unification
Campaign of Nepal 84
2.7 The Period of Rana Regime 88
Chapter: Three
The Political and Constitutional Development of Nepal
3.1 Political Evolution 99
3.1.1 The Events from 2007 to 2017 100
3.1.2 The Two Decades from 2017 BS to 2037 BS 102
3.1.3 From Referendum to People’s Movement 104
3.1.4 The People’s Movement of 2046 and the
Politics Thereafter 105
3.2 The Constitutional Evolution of Nepal 110
3.2.1 Government of Nepal Act, 2004 110
3.2.2 Interim Government of Nepal Act, 2007 110
3.2.3 The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2015 111
3.2.4 The Constitution of Nepal, 2019 111
3.2.5 Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2047
Nepal Parichaya/
3.2.6 The Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063
3.2.7 The Constitution of Nepal
3.3 House of Representative
3.4 National Assembly
3.5 State Assembly
3.6 Gazette
3.7 Local Level of Nepal

Chapter: Four
Public Administration of Nepal
4.1 Ancient Period
4.2 Medieval Period
4.3 Modern Period
4.4 Post Modern Period
Chapter: Five
The Economic System of Nepal
5.1 Planned Development Efforts in Nepal 180
Chapter: Six
Social Life and Culture of Nepal
6.1 Social Life of Nepal 217
6.1.1 The Ethnic Diversity
6.1.2 The Enlisted Indigenous Nationalities of Nepal
6.1.3 Settlement, Manner of Life and Costume
6.1.4 Brief Introduction to Different Castes
and Ethnic Groups of Nepal
6.1.5 Different Ethnic Groups, Classes and
Communities of Nepal and Arrangements
made by the State for their Upliftment 236
6.1.6 Provisions Relating to Social Security
6.1.7 Education
12/Nepal Parichaya
6.1.8 Health 254
6.2 The Cultural Life of Nepal
6.2.1 Major Feasts and Festivals Observed in Nepal
6.2.2 The Description of Cultural Heritage of Nepal
6.2.3 Longterm Policy Regarding the
Preservation of National Cultural Heritage
Chapter: Seven
Language, Literature and Arts of Nepal
7.1 Language
7.1.1 Major Languages Spoken in Nepal
7.1.2 Development and Expansion of Nepali Language
7.1.3 Language Family
7.1.4 Scripts of Some Languages and Dialects
7.2 Literature
7.3 Arts
7.3.1 Nepali Architecture and its Characteristics
7.3.2 Nepali Painting and its Characteristics
7.3.3 Nepali Sculpture and its Characteristics
7.3.4 Nepali Woodcraft and its Characteristics
7.3.5 Some songs, Music and Dance Art
Prevailing in Nepal
Chapter: Eight
Infrastructure Development in Nepal
8.1 Transportation
8.2 Hydroelectricity
8.3 Drinking Water and Sanitation
8.4 Irrigation
8.5 Telecommunication
8.6 Environment
Nepal Parichaya/
Chapter: Nine
Journalism in Nepal
9.1 Print Media
9.2 Printing Press
9.3 Radio Broadcasting
9.4 Television
9.5 Cinema
9.6 Department of Information and Broadcasting
9.7 Press Council Nepal
9.8 National News Agency
9.9 Federation of Nepali Journalists
9.10 Online Media
Chapter: Ten
International Relations and Foreign Policy of Nepal
10.1 International Relations of Nepal: Historical Overview
10.2 The Foreign Policy of Nepal and its Main Bases
10.3 United Nations and Nepal
10.4 SAARC and Nepal
10.5 Historical Treaties and Agreements of Nepal-India
10.6 Historical Treaties and Agreements of Nepal and
China-Tibet Relationship
Chapter: Eleven
Important Places of Nepal from Historical,
Religious and Tourism Point of View

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