Nepal Electricity Authority Vacancy for CA

Form Fill up Notice

As the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will provide some chartered accountants in the contract, a formal application has been invited from the interested Nepali citizens who have reached the qualifications mentioned in the details.

Download the application from the nea website, print it on A4 size photocopy paper and fill in all the details. Within 15 days from the date of publication of this information, all the required documents along with the application are scanned in PDF format. -Everyone concerned is informed that the application can be sent to the mail address No action will be taken on the application submitted before the deadline.

1) Type of examination: Interview only.
2) Examination Fee: In the name of NVP Central Payment Division, Kumari Bank Limited, Putalisadak, current account no. Rs.1000 / – deposited in 0010002287300001 should be attached with the application.
3) The staff of Nepal Electricity Authority should not be disqualified as per the service condition regulation 2075 (with amendment).
4) Must be under 45 years of age by the last date of application for age.
5) A copy of the following documents should be attached with the application:
(A) All certificates from SLC to Chartered Accountant Examination.
(B) Certificate of Character or Certificate of Age.
(C) Certificate of Nepali citizenship.
(D) Certificate of membership obtained from Nepal Institute of Chartered Accountants.
(E) Certificate of work experience.
(F) Voucher Receipt / Nissa for payment of examination fee.
(G) A passport size photograph showing the face taken recently should be affixed in the specified place of the application form. In addition, the candidates themselves should have signed the copies of various certificates submitted with the application stating that the copy is correct as per the original so that their name, surname and date are clear.
6) In relation to work experience, it should be as follows:
(1) Only the work experience submitted in the appointment letter or agreement worked in the following body or institution and the certified document of service period will be recognized:
(A) Civil servants and other government bodies
(B) An organization fully or partially owned by the Government of Nepal
(C) The United Nations, its organs and specialized bodies
(D) Government and non-government organizations
(E) Company established in accordance with the prevailing law.

(2) If he has worked in two or more bodies or institutions in the same period, only the work experience of one body or institution which has worked for more time will be counted.
(3) Work experience prior to passing the Chartered Accountant Examination shall not be recognized.
(4) A maximum of 5 points will be given for work experience at the rate of zero point five points every 6 months. But no marks will be given for work experience of less than 6 months.
7) Salary, facilities and service conditions: starting salary scale of level 8 and additional allowance as per rules.
8) Place of work: Kathmandu based offices of Nepal Electricity Authority and other provincial offices of NEA as required.
9) Contract period: 1 year
10) Work to be done by the post: As prescribed by the authority.
11) Examination Program: After the last date of application is over. Will be published on the website.
12) Exams will not be refunded except in case of cancellation of advertisement.
13) Other conditions shall be as prescribed by the Authority.
14) Documents (including bank vouchers) that must be submitted with the application are not submitted or false details. The application of the candidate who has submitted the documents will be rejected at any time. If you need to know anything about the mentioned information, you can contact on mobile number: 9849443854.

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