Loksewa aayog Pradesh 2 Vacancy for Technical Post

Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service commission) Pradesh 2 today published the vacancy for Gazetted Officer 3rd and 7th level (technical). These posts will be fulfilled through open and inclusive competition.

More Details :-  vacancy

Exam Date: Will be published later.
Examination Center: State Public Service Commission, State no. 2. As specified by Janakpurdham.
Application Fee: The application fee for each advertisement is Rs. 1,000.- (one dug well). In case of a candidate applying for additional advertisement on behalf of an inclusive group for the post of a special group / sub-group, an additional fee of Rs.
Place for paying application fee: State Public Service Commission, State No. 2, Janakpurdham Office
Application Form: Download from the Commission’s Website, and fill in the required details along with the prescribed documents.
Fold the ad number on the cover page of a simple record file. The application should be submitted along with the required documents mentioning the post, service, group, sub-group, inclusive group and the name, surname and contact number of the candidate.
Place to submit application form: State Public Service Commission, State no. 2, Janakpurdham.
Documents to be attached: Candidate has to sign the copy of the certificate specified in the advertisement including educational qualification, certificate of citizenship, inclusive opening document, original bank voucher etc. The candidate himself has to sign that the copy is correct as per the original. The candidate himself should be fully accountable for the details mentioned in the application.
Last date to apply: 2077/9/15 and double fee paid till 2077/9/22. Age limit of the candidate: कमा In case of age, those who have completed 21 years of age and have not reached 35 years of age by 2077/9/15 and women and disabled candidates
In case less than 10 years. There will be no age limit for permanent civil servants.
Exam program before the interview and date of the interview: Notice will be given when the result of the written exam is published. Details of work to be done in the post: -Service, group related.
Salary: -Province no. 2 In accordance with the law.
Ministry of Services: Sesha, Group, Sub-Group Operating Province No. Ministry of 2.

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