Gorkhapatra Gyan Sagar – 2077-5-10

What is the full form of FTTH?
Fiber to the home.
– Nepal Telecom launches high speed internet service FTTH Done at Suryapura Bazaar in Gaidhawa village municipality of Rupandehi district on September 8, 2008.
– FTTH technology can be used to provide triple play i.e. voice, high speed internet and video services by delivering optical fiber to the house instead of traditional copper wire.

9. Which is the first country in the world to use credit card?
@ America.

When did Chinese President Xi Jinping introduce the concept of One Belt One Road (OBOR)?
– Nepal VS Decided to sign the OBOR on 25th April, 2074 BS. Accordingly, it was signed on behalf of Nepal on 29 April 2074 BS.
– OBOR Partnership Agreement signed by Foreign Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi on behalf of Nepal and Ambassador Yu Hong on behalf of China.

When was the ‘Open Government Partnership’ (OGP) established with the objective of promoting transparency and effective government?
September 20, 2011.
OGP’s founding members are the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Norway.
– At present, this organization has 75 member nations including 15 sub-regional governmental mechanisms.

Which was the first country to renounce membership of the International Criminal Court?
Burundi (October 27, 2017).
– (Philippines is the second country to withdraw its membership. The Philippines announced its resignation on March 17, 2018.)

 Who is the singer who made history by winning four awards in Grammy Awards 2020?
@ Willie Illis.
At the 62nd Awards Ceremony held in Los Angeles, USA on January 26, 2020, he won four Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist, Best Record of the Year, Best Album and Pop Vocal Album. Willie became the first young woman to receive the above four awards at once and the second artist overall. Christopher Cross won the award in 1981.
– Former US First Lady Michelle Obama’s song ‘Becoming’ won the award in the audio book category at the ceremony. Lady Gaga’s I Will Never Love Again won Best Song for Visual Media, Traditional Pop Vocal Album Award Luke Nowley, Country Solo Performance Ride Award Willie Nation’s Me Backhome and Rap Album Award Tyler.

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