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The story ‘Fear’ is collected from Mexico. Although it is included in supernatural story section, it is not a supernatural story rather it is horror story. It shows the horror of a character, Armando Gonzalez.

Based on the story, Armando Gonzalez is the major character of this story. Armando was in a line of customers in a large bank in Mexico City. He gave the cheque and the pass book to the bank teller. The teller asked him so many questions and counted the pesos in a loud voice but Armando realized himself that everyone was going to be known. There was a heavy fat man too, who was looking at him frequently. He had feared that all the people knew that he was carrying fifty thousand pesos in his pocket. The bank’s lady had offered him cashier’s cheque instead of cash. But he was so simple that he thought the house dealer had asked him to give money, not the cheque. He was happy with the amount which he had saved for twenty years and even his wife had contributed in the saving. It was going to be the happiest day of their lives because he was thinking about to buy a new house. He appeared at the bus stand. To his surprise, he found that the same fat man was waiting for a bus. Armando sensed that was following him to rob the money. He believed that the man was carrying a pistol in his pocket. A bus arrived. They got on but Armando watched the man in the driver’s glass. The man had hidden his face with a newspaper. After some time, Armando planned that he would get off in the mid of the journey. He was about to pull the cord of buzzer. He saw three boys were talking with the man. Armando helpers. He pulled the cord. The bus halted and he got off. The three boys were seen getting off at the same time. The place was quiet without any house nearby. Armando was very much frightened, He ran nervously and wildly asking help across the road through the fence into an old junk yard. The boys then followed him, and they came near Armando asked why they got off with him. They answered that they were students and they had gone there for football tournament. Mistakenly they got off wrong bus. Armando requested to them not to take his money. But they said that they got on the wrong bus and they were talking with a heavy man about bus. Armando could not believe his eves Finally, he knew all the reality and put his hat forward and walked together along the street.

According to the story, it is not a supernatural story because there are no ghosts or spirits in the story it is a thriller based on the human fear of a nervous man.

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