Vacancy Notice At Province 5

Type of test: Interview

Application Fee: There will be an application fee of Rs. 1000 for the post of Agriculture and Engineering Services Officer and Rs. 500 for the post of Assistant. The said fee is an account of Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited No. 1000200010000, office code 3120048015. State title no. 14224 can be deposited.

Last date to apply: 06/10/2077

Documents required: Certified copies of Certificate of Educational Qualification 1/1, Certified Copy of Citizenship Certificate, Original Receipt of Submission of Application Fee, Certified Copy of Certificate of Experience or Training.

Copy of appointment letter in case of experience), Council donor certificate for the post of veterinarian.

Age limit of the candidate: In case of officer level, after reaching the age of 21 years, 35 years of age should not be completed, in case of women, 40 years of age and in case of assistant level, at the age of 18 years, 35 years of age, in case of woman, 40 years. Year old Job description in the post: Service, group related.

Salary: As per prevailing law.

Date, time and place of the interview: When the short list is published, the same information will be given. Note: If the above posts are filled permanently or by adjustment, the contract agreement will be automatically revoked. Also Applications that have expired and have not reached Rati will not be accepted.

Minimum Qualifications Required 1) For the post of Officer level of Agricultural Service: Graduated from a recognized University in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary, Food and Agricultural Engineering or equivalent. He has also passed Economics or Agri Business from a recognized educational institution for Agri Eco and Marketing and Statistics group with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

 2) Certificate level or 3 year diploma or JT in agriculture, animal husbandry, veterinary dam and agricultural engineering subject for the fifth level for the assistant level post of agricultural service. Fund: Technical SLC for 4th tier. (Entrance Examination) / J.T.A. Or similarly passed.

3) For the post of Computer Officer in Engineering Services: Graduated in Computer Science from a recognized University in Computer Engineering or equivalent.

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