Establishment of the specialized organs of the UNO and its Functions

List of the United Nations UNO Specialized agencies

International Labour Organization (ILO)

Aprill11, 1919 Geneva Switzerland

To provide economic and social security for the labour and to approve law

Food and Agriculture Organization FAO

October 16, 1946 Paris France

mprovement of food production and distribution of agriculture products.

Help to rise the level of nutritious food raise living standard.

Improve the condition of poverty stricken people of the world.

United nations educational scientific and cultural globalization ( UNESCO )
November 4, 1946 Paris France
it provides opportunity for the development of education science and culture of all member countries
Establishment of old heritage site and carries out scientific and educational research

World health organisation (WHO)
April 7 , 1948
Promotion of highest standard of health for all people eradicating epidemics another disease
providing information about the disease in health related training for health worker

International monetary fund ( IMF )
helps member countries to solve monetary problem bring stability to the rate of exchange and provide loans for developing countries

International Bank for reconstruction and development world Bank ( IBRD )

To support financially to the member countries

International civil aviation organisation ICAO
April 4, 1947 Canada
aims of save energy for root among member countries of defence to international rules and cooperation in custom

Universal postal Union (UPU )
October 8,1874
development of postal facilities solution to poster problem fixing postal rate and rules to member countries

International telecommunication Union ( ITU )
bring harmony to telecommunication service in college in its development and develop technical facilities in this field

World meteorological organisation WMO
Promotion of all system of the weather studies corporation in weather forecasting
Encouraging resources and training in metrology metrology

International Maritime organisation ( IMO)
March 17, 1958 London, Britain
protection of shipping and sailors

 control of marine pollution

corporation in international water

world intellectual property organisation (WIPO)
April 26, 1970 Switzerland
Famous for organiser originators encourage the creative activities that help of ideas invention music and books

United national industrial development organisation UNIDO
January 1, 1967 Vienna Austria
Help industrial development of member countries and also provide technical support to them

International fund for agricultural development IFAD
November 30, 1947 Italy Rome
Encourage the developing countries to invest in the productivity of agriculture

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