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The way was opened for the university to take the exam

Alternative avenues have been opened for universities to conduct postponed examinations. The way is now open for the university to take policy decision after the University Grants Commission issued its guideline by approving the Learning Facilitation Draft-2077 from the Alternative System in Higher Education.

According to the University Grants Commission, the coronavirus has long been used to remove barriers to university teaching, research, examination and evaluation. The ban on the corona virus has disrupted the calendar of educational programs at all universities, including exams.

Commission Chairman Pvt. Bhim Prasad Subedi said that the universities have been facilitated to facilitate the examination and evaluation of the universities. According to the directive, universities will now allow students studying in the semester system to take the exam by virtual method and in case they cannot take the exam for any reason, they can be sent to the upper semester class on the basis of internal assessment.

Subedi said that even if the experimental examination of any subject could not be taken, it can be taken in the next semester. He said that they have presented various options for universities and subjects where many students study. According to Soe, if possible, universities will be able to take exams by maintaining social distance. In case it is not possible to take the exam, provision has been made to take the exam by changing the model of the exam and the nature of the question paper.

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