Class 11

The Recurring Dream

The Recurring Dream summary

The ‘Recurring Dream’ is a supernatural story which captures supernatural elements like ghost. Kimberly Clark is a pretty girl living in London, the protagonist, has undergone a serious problem which she had the same sort of dream time and again. She has a good position in the office. She has a mysterious dream which frequently repeats at night. It’s mysterious because it is a dream about a person and place which are completely strange to her.

In the dream, she finds herself walking on a country lane that is surrounded by white fences on both sides of the road. At the end of the lane, on the top of the hill, a beautiful white cottage with green shutters is located. She enters inside the house and finds in an old man with white hair and white beard fallen asleep. When Kim goes near the old man he wakes up and looks at her. But when Kim tries to speak with him she wakes up and finds herself in her bed in the apartment in London.

The recurring dream bothers/Kim very badly. So, she shares her problem with her roommate Janet Wilson. One day Janet went to her parents’ farm for a few days with Kim to keep Kim free from her recurring dream. On the way Kim falls asleep and has the same dream. She was surprised to see the same place in front of her that she usually sees in her dream. She requests to Janet to stop the car and she gets out of it. She sees the same lane, white fences hill and a beautiful cottage with green shutters as she sees in her dream. As she uses to go in dream she chases along the way and goes towards the house. There she sees a sign of ‘For Sale’ in front of the door.

As in the dream, she knocks at the door and the same old man with white hair and white beard opens the door and makes his eyes open wide and suddenly closes the door. Kim again requests him to open the door and when he opens it she asks him if the house is on sale because there is only one difference between the house in the dream and this house. In reality there is FOR SALE sign just in front of the house) The old man replied positively and says that a ghost has haunted this beautiful house every night. Then Kim asks him who the ghost is? The white old man replies, “It is you”, then he closes the door.

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