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See Exam Notice Update :-See Exam on After Jesth

The Secondary Education Examination (SEE), which has been postponed due to infection with Corona virus (Covid-19), will be conducted till mid-June. According to Ram Raj Khakurel, Controller of Examinations of the Board, the participants also requested to wait till May to take the examination from the current system. He said that the students can be admitted in class 11 without affecting the academic session by speeding up the work of collecting answer scripts, testing and publishing the results even if they can take the exam in May.

Preparations have also been made to find alternatives by amending the existing examination system legally as public life could not return to normal even in May due to Corona. In the discussion held with the stakeholders by the National Examination Board on Wednesday about the postponed examination, it has been pointed out that even if the examination is held in May, the students can continue their studies without any impact on the academic session.

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