How to make report writing more effective ?

Report Writing

Prepare a report on ……….(Historical/Religious/cultural place?

Suitable title ( A trip to …/An education visit to…./Our Pride , Our )


For what ?( your main porpose for visiting ) & a short descripton of visited place)

B. Objective

Objective no.1 to find out

Objective No.2 To evaluate

Objective No.3 To analyze

C. Methodology

( Methodology includes the ways or sources to collect information to prepare your report )

To gather the information in order to prepare the report about the place, we used several ways. Among them, some of them are from the primary sources and some are from the secondary. Major ways to collect the information are

Primary sources

Direct onservation , questionnaire, interview

Secondary sources

Television report videos internet movies books newspaper,journals magzines

D. Finding

( Finding includes analysis or explanation of collected information based on our set objectives)

By using several information collection ways , we have found some of the facts about the place.

Explanaton of the objective no.i. the temple lies , establishment in…….

Explanation of the objective no ii. ……..

Explanation of the objective no iiii………………….

E. conclusions Recommendations Suggestions

The existing good aspects and the bad aspects of the place : conclusions

-How can they be solved ? /what are the possible of ways to overcome the problems or lacking of the site ?= recommendations /suggestions.

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