Policy Research Institute (Niti Anusandhan Pratisthan) Vacancy

Policy Research Institute (Niti Anusandhan Pratisthan) has publishes vacancy notice at various post.

Nepali citizens who are qualified to fill the following posts are invited to apply within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice along with their personal details (CV) along with the specified educational qualifications, experience and copies of the certificate of Nepali citizenship. No action will be taken on the application which has not reached the due date or expired or incorrect information has been included. Applications and required documents can be sent to the office of the establishment or by email.

  1. Type of Examination: Shortlist will be prepared on the basis of personal details and interview and experimental examination will be taken.
  2. Salary facility: As per the rules of the establishment.
  3. Place to submit application: Office of Policy Research Institute, Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu or E-mail:
  4. Contact No: 01 4434979/4430517 More Information:
  5. Must be not disqualified as per Policy Research Foundation Development Committee (Formation) Order, 2075.
  6. Candidates who are deemed suitable after scrutinizing the received application will be informed about the date of examination through phone and email.
  7. This information can also be obtained from the Foundation’s website

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