Nepal Rastra Bank Old Exam Question

Nepal Rastra Bank Computer Question

 1.Transistors were used in …… generation computer.

A) First

B) Second 

C) Third

D) Forth 

2. The Bootstrap loader resides in

A) Hard disk 

B) Any Bootable device


D ) ROM 

3.Which statement is false?

A) You can find deleted files in recycle bin 

B) You can restore any files in recycle bin if you ever need 

C) you can increase free space of disk by sending files in recycle bin

 D) You can right click and choose Empty Recycle Bin to clean it at once 

4.One thousand kilobyte represents a

A) Megabyte 

B) Gigabyte ___

C) byte

D) Terabyte

 5.Which is not the function of operating System?

A) start the computer

B) interpret the commands

C) manage data files and programs

D) store data

  6.Full form of LAN is

A) Local Access Network 

B) Local Area Network 

C) Local Attach Network

D) Local Around Network 

7. In computer security, ….. means that the information in a computer system only be accessible for reading by authorized parities. 

A) Confidentiality 

B) Integrity 

C) Availability 

D) Authenticity

8.Text wrap feature in want •

 A) Allows to type over text

B) automatically moves to next line 

C) allows to make text attractive

D) increase the attractiveness of the text xe. 

9.Which shortcut key do you use to double space a paragraph ?

 A) Ctrl + 1

 B) Ctrl + F2

C) Alt + F2 D) Ctrl + 2 

10.Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rate of returns, future values and loan payment amounts 

A) Logical 

B) Math and Trigonometry

 C) Statistical

D) Financial

Nepal Rastra Bank Old Question

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