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class 11 English Grammar

Meaning into Words Grade XI


can you have done at the following places?

 structure: [Have +something+ done

(a) Dentist’s

I can  have my teeth checked at dentist’s. 

(b) Hairdresser’s

I can have my hair coloured at hairdresser’s.

 (c) Librarian’s 

 I can have my book renewed at librarian’s.

 (d) Mechanic’s

 → I can have my car repaired at mechanic’s. 

(e) Optician’s

I can have my eyes checked at optician’s.

UNIT 2 : DECISIONS ANDINTENTIONS Meaning into words grade xi NEB Question

Add a decision to these remarks:

 a. I’m a bit tired today. I think ………..

→ I think I will take rest

. b. She is getting much too thin. I don’t think ………

→ I don’t think I’ll advise her for a diet.

 c. You look happy with your job ……..

> I don’t think I’ll quit the job.

 d. They have had enough to eat ……….

→ I think I’ll borrow some.

 e. Hitchhiking is terribly dangerous ……….

 → I don’t think I ‘ll hitchhike.

Decide to do/ not to do these things and add a reason.

  example: go for a walk

 → I think I will go fora walk. The weather is lovely.

 a. to learn to drive

 → I think I will learn to drive. Driving is a necessaryskill for human life. 

b. to go swimming

 → I think I will go to swimming. Swimming is my passion. 

C. not to have any more to eat 

 → I don’t think I will have any more to eat. I am getting fat.

D in not to invite Jane to your party

  → I don’t think I will invite Jane to party. She is not friendly.

 e. to give up smoking 

→ I think I will give up smoking. Smoking is injurious

to health.

Structures: I think I’ll + V1/ I don’t think I’ll + V1

Maybe I’ll+ v1/ maybe I won’t + V1

Perhaps I’ll + v1/ perhaps I won’t +v1 

Add a decision to these remarks.

Example: I’ll go for a walk.

I think, I’ll go for a walk. The weather is fine.

a. I’m getting much too fat.

 – I think I’ll eat less.

 b. I’m fed up with my job.

 I think I’ll quit the job. I want a new job.

. C. She seems very friendly.

→I think I’ll make her my friend. She’s friendly.

  d. I really must try and get rid of this cough …

 → I think I’ll visit the doctor. My chest terribly pains/aches.

 e. I hope they’re not worried about me…

> I don’t think I’ll call them. I reach there in time.

Unit 3 : Jobs and Routine.

Structure: Present simple[..V1/ v5…….]

 Explain what these people do:

Example: a secretary

secretary writes letters and keeps records.

 a) a cashier

 → A cashier deals with the money in the bank.

 (b) a mechanic

* A mechanic mends / repairs machineries.

 (c) a plumber

 → A plumber fits the water pipes.

 d) a night watchman

 → A night watchman keeps eye on houses and building during night.

 (e) a receptionist

 → A receptionist receives the calls and takes appointments / welcomes the guest.

 Read the following conversation carefully and then construct similar conversation using the ideas given. Each time, say exactly what you do . in your job.

 Structures: noun

Present simple v1/v5]

Affirmative question tags

 Example: hospital/ doctor?/gardener

A: Where do you work?

 B: I work at the hospital.

 A: Oh, so you’re a doctor, are you?

B: No, I’m a gardener. I look after the gardens around the hospital. 

  1. Police station/ policeman? /secretary

 A: Where do you work?

 B : I work at the police station.

 A : Oh, so you are a policeman, are you?

 B: No, I’m a secretary. I write letters and keep records. 

b. Library/ librarian? /cleaner

A: Where do you work?

 B: I work at the library.

 A : Oh, so you’re a librarian, are you? 

B : No, I’m a cleaner. I clean the library rooms.

    c)language school/ language teacher? Sweeper

 A : Where do you work?

 B: I work at the language school. 

A : Oh, so you’re a language teacher, are you?

 B : No, I’m a sweeper. I sweep the class rooms.

 bus station/ ticket collector? / porter 

A: Where do you work?

B: I work at the bus station.

A : Oh, so you’re a ticket collector, are you?

B : No, I’m a porter there. I caty the luccaof the passenger.

e) airport pilot? /air hostess

A : Where do you work?

 B : l work at the airport.

 A : Oh, so you’re a pilot, are you? 

B: No, I’m an air hostess. I serve the Passengers in the plane. 

Write a sentence each saying how often Max does different things.

 Structures: Frequency Adverbials

 once a…   every hour…

 Twice..   every four …. 

three times…    every…..

. Have bath (moming/ evening)

→ Mark has a bath twice a day. 

b. Visit parents (Sundays)

 → He visits his parents once a week/every Sunday.

C.Change job (1996, 1998, 2000, 2002)

He changes his job every two years. 

d. Have haircut (1 March, 15 March, 1 April ……) 

→ He has his haircut twice a month/every_two weeks/once a fortnight.

 e. See the doctor (January, Feb, March ……)

→  He sees the doctor once a month.

Change the following into passive as shown in the example:

 Example: He publishes an article everyday.

 An article is published every day. 

Structure: passive voice:

 …. Aux+ past participle(V3)…/=

 ………is/am/ are/get/ was/were/ got+ V3_ simple present past (v1/v2]

…….has/have been + V3]_present perfect[has/have/v3] ………is/am/ are/ being + V3……_present continuous[is/am/ are+v4] 

…Was/were being + V3,_past continuous/ was/weret v4 

……. Will shall/ can/ may/ bet 13 future tenses will/shall/can/ may+ v1]

(a) His newspaper pays him a huge salary.

 → He is paid a huge salary by his newspaper. 

(b) Ron Glib made a mistake.

→ A mistake was made by Ron Glib.

 (c) My brother has sent me a camera.

 → A camera has been sent to me by my brother. Or,

I have been sent a camera by his newspaper.

 (d) The police arrested the criminals. 

→ The criminals were arrested by the police.


Complete the following sentences by filling in the

blanks with the best word from the brackets

.  a. Rita walked……………..(through/ between/ across) the door.

 → Rita walked through the door. 

b. The dog ran………..( through/ between/ across)the road.

 → The dog ran across the road.

 C. The students fell ………..(down/ off / between)the wall.

 → The students fell down the wall.

 d. The river flows ——-(under, between, along)the bridge. 

→ The river flows under the bridge.

 e. The woman cycled ………..( through/ down/ outof) the hill,

 → The woman cycled down the hill.

Meaning into words grade xi NEB Question

Meaning into words grade xi NEB Question

Meaning into words grade xi NEB Question

Meaning into Words Grade Xi & Grade Xii

Class 11 Account Notes

Class 11 Account Grade xi Notes on PDF

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