krishi samagri company limited vacancy

As per the agreement received from the Public Service Commission, the following vacancies in the Agricultural Materials Company, internal competition of the group, open and inclusive posts have to be filled through competitive examination. The application form should be obtained from the head office of the company, Kuleshwor and all the details should be filled. Examination fee amount Current account no. Of Agricultural Ingredients Company Limited in Nepal Investment Bank. Voucher submitted on 01701030001922 should be attached with the application. With the application, the educational qualification and training and experience acquired by the candidate, if required, the certificate, the certificate of citizenship certificate should be certified by the candidate himself and one / one copy must be attached.
Will have to No action will be taken on the application which has not reached the due date, expired or the documents that must be attached with the application. The written examination will be conducted by the Public Service Commission.

Types of exams: – Written, experimental and interview.
Examination Center: Kathmandu.
Place to submit application: – Agricultural Ingredients Company Limited, Head Office, Kuleshwor, Kathmandu.
Documents to be attached: – Candidate should attach educational qualification and citizenship certificate as well as copy of inclusive group opening document in case of advertisement of inclusive group. If the applicant has obtained educational qualification from a country other than Nepal, he / she will have to submit a copy of the certificate of equivalence along with it. For the posts where experience is required, the details related to the experience should be mentioned in the application form and certified by the head of the office / institution where you have worked.
Last date to apply: 2077/9/20 and double fee can be paid till 2077/9/27.
Age limit for open and inclusive candidates: – By 2077/9/20, in the case of authorized second class posts, 21 years of age and below 40 years of age, in case of authorized third class posts, 21 years of age and below 35 years of age, in case of assistant first and second class posts In the case of 18 years of age and not less than 35 years. In case of women and disabled candidates not less than 40 years.
Work to be done in the post: – The management of the company should do the work as prescribed. Salary and service, facility: – As per company rules.
Contact Date: – 20771017 Written Exam Date: – Will be published after being established by the Public Service Commission.
Examination Fee: – For each advertisement, the following examination fee has to be paid. Candidates applying for additional advertisements on behalf of the inclusive group will have to pay an additional fee for each additional group.

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