Kharidar Online Exam Set-2

Next Prasa Online Exam :- Monday

Next TSC Online Exam Thursday

Next :- Kharidar Online exam :- wednesday

Deep stick test is related to which field – medical

 What are the Indian ports used in Nepal? – Calcutta and Mumbai

Where does Ajmeru Durbar belong? – Dadeldhura

From which country did the Renaissance movement in Europe originate? – Italy

Who was Gautama Buddha’s first Guru? -Alarkalam

The Jagat Narayan Temple of Shankhamool is an example of which style?Shikhar style

When did the publication of The Rising Nepal start? —- 2022 Poush 1

How many other countries is Nepal to sign CTBT comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty?- 16th

What percentage of the population is 60 years of age or older according to National Census 2068? -8.13%

Heidelberg printing machine was invented by which country?. ==== Germany

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