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I have a dream

“I have a dream”- Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream is an unforgettable speech driven by Martin Luther to millions of American blacks and whites on august 28, 1963. This speech represents the hopes and dreams of all American blacks who have been struggling for their rights and freedoms. Though the American constitution and the declaration of independence have promised equal rights, justice and freedom to all blacks and whites, this is no implemented in practice. In the American societies, there is still strong discrimination in justice hatred and other inequalities between black and white. The blacks are hated neglected and tortured in practice. In the American society there is still strong racial discrimination. Injustice in between white and blacks. The blacks are hated, neglected because of their black skin. They are deprived of their rights, freedom, equality and justice. They are treated to be slaves and are a exiled in their own country. They lived very poor and miserable life among the rich whites.

Luther king address the American black and says that they should continue their struggle until they establish equality, peace and brotherhood on America. They should follow the path and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, if they keep on struggling in a discipline way they will achieve their aims. Luther hopes that one day, the chain of hatred, social and racial discrimination, injustice and independence will broken. The new sun will rise with the rays of liberty, equality, peace and brotherhood.   

Luther says that there should be immediately change In the conception of whites. He says that his dream is the dream of America. His dream us the dream if freedom., justice and equality. The color of skin is not important. What is important is humanity? Therefore, one day, all discrimination and inequality will disappear. All blacks and whites will make together joining hands as brother and sister.

What is apparent purpose of Mart king Luther speech?

The apparent purpose of his speech is to avoid racial discrimination between whites and blacks and to provide freedom, justice and equality to all promised in American constitution.

What is the dream of Martin king Luther speech?

The dream of Martin King Luther speech is that one day the negroes will be free and will have equality. People won’t be judged by the color of their skin but by actions, characters etc. he hopes that one day all people will be able to join hands and sign that they are free.

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