CTEVT Exam Form Fill up notice

Certificate level nursing general medicine in this council’s Agic, Sakedaro, community schools and privately run educational institutions. Lab Technology, Radiography, Homeopathy. As the first, second and third year regular and romantic examinations of General Ayurveda Medicine, Acupuncture, Dental Science, Dental Hygiene), Ophthalmic Science, Agriculture, Diploma in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Forestry programs will be conducted in the near future. This information has been published so that the concerned educational institutions are required to fill up the examination application form as it has been fixed at regular fee within 14th Mangsir and late fee by 21st Mangsir, 2077 BS. In addition, the students of the educational institution who do not fulfill the following conditions and do not submit the application form within the stipulated time will be informed about the behavior of not being included in the examination.

CTEVT Exam Form Fillup notice on Gorkhapatra


All the details mentioned in the examination application form should be filled. The application form should have a passport size photo showing the face of the examinee recently taken.

In the case of annual examination system, Rs. 1,000. And in the case of other educational institutions, Rs. 2,500 / – per regular fee and late fee per student will have to pay the tober fee of regular examination fee. Also, if the form is not entered in the web based online system within the time of regular fee, there will be a delay.

In case of Aashiq examinee, the examination fee for one subject only is Rs. 300.- and Rs. At the rate of Rs. 150 / – in regular gulk and late fee per student will have to pay double fee of the prescribed fee.

When the concerned educational institutions submit the indirect application form, they have to set up a separate file of thematic regular and romantic and old and old courses and attach the receipt of fee payment and register it in the provincial offices of the council within the stipulated date.

The concerned educational institutions will have to deposit the amount in the bank account of the concerned provincial office and submit the bank voucher on the day after the last date of regular fee payment and the last date of late payment fee. The province will have to be subdued.

Examination fee will be charged to the regular candidates who have excelled and qualified.

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