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Check Madhya bhotekoshi IPO result (Local Result )

The IPO Result or IPO allotment of Madhya bhotekoshi Hydropower [Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut ] today published the company ipo issued manager Global Ime Capital.

Check now Madhya bhotekoshi [Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut ] IPO result (Local Result )

1) Go to the official Link Global IME capital IPO result website using the URL: ( https://www.globalimecapital.com/ipo-fpo-share-allotment-check )

2) Then you need to select the ‘ Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut ’ option from the drop-down list under ‘Company’.

3) Select DMAT Numer to proceed to the next step

4) Enter the details of the mode you selected.

5) select the ‘Submit’ option.

Check Now IPO [Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut IPO Result ]

In this IPO, 1,085 27 applicants had applied. Out of which, 12,147 people had applied under the project affected area. Of these, 49 applications have been rejected and the remaining 12,098 eligible applicants have been allotted shares, according to Capital.

Applicants applying for up to 180 units under the project affected area have received shares as per the demand. Out of 190 to 400 lots of applicants, an additional 2,313 people have received 10 lots of shares through the round. In this regard, up to 190 shares have been received under the project affected area.

 Apart from the project-affected areas, 96,380 applicants had applied under other areas of Sindhupalchok district. Out of which 1515 applications have been rejected and shares have been distributed to 94,865 eligible applicants.

The company had issued 6 million shares worth Rs 600 million to the locals affected by the project. The company has issued 6 million shares equal to Rs. 600 million, which is 10% of the total issued capital for the residents of Sindhupalchok district. In which project affected area of ​​Sindhupalchok district Bhotekoshi village municipality ward no. 1 and 5 (Savik Listi VDC and Savik Marming VDC), Barhabise Municipality Ward no. 5 and 6 (Savik Gati VDC) and Barhabise Municipality Ward no. 7 and 8 (formerly Ghumthang VDC and former Maneshwara VDC) for the permanent residents of 30% of the 1.8 million ordinary shares and other areas affected by the above project in Sindhupalchok district other than permanent. 70% of the 4.2 million ordinary shares have been issued to the residents.

The company had postponed the IPO of the project-affected locals of Sindhupalchowk from Baisakh 21 due to the covid-1. The postponed IPO sale was resumed on Shrawan 5.

The company is preparing to issue shares to the public from September 8. 9 million shares will be issued to the public from Asoj 20 to 24.

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