Bagmati Pradesh Loksewa aayog sixth Level Syllabus

Bagmati Pradesh Public Service Commission has published the sixth level curriculum. Bagmsti Public Service Commission has made public the syllabus of both technical and non-technical posts.

Officer Sixth Level Syllabus

Technical Post Syllabus here

  1. English proficiency-15 marks (5 questions from each unit)
    2.1 Comprehension: questions will be asked on the passage given. The questions will try to
    accommodate the following areas: Fact finding, Inferential, core theme, true/false
    identification, issues raised, and language based.
    2.2 Vocabulary: Questions will be asked to assess their grasp on the English language vocabulary.
    The questions will be of the following nature, -Meaning of the words
    (literal/figurative/contextual), single word for expressions, Synonyms/antonyms, Derivatives
    and Homonyms/ homophones.
    2.3 Syntactic ability: Questions will be asked to assess the syntactic ability of the candidates. The
    questions will be based on the following categories: Agreement, tense, parallel structures,
    clauses, modifier, conditionals, phrasal expressions, shifts (tense, number, person),
    transformations, varieties, prepositions/conjunctions, and parts of speech.
    Note: this above English Language Competence Test syllabus is devised for assessing the
    proficiency of the English language of candidates. With the view to assess the candidates’
    language competence, the syllabus aims:
     To test the understanding of their language though reading comprehension,
     To map the range of their vocabulary,
     To examine their syntactic ability.
    The nature and standard of questions in English Language Competence Test will be such that and
    educated class XII level person will be able to answer them without any specialized study.
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