Class 10

Audiovisual text broadcast schedule

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As the transition to COVID-19 has affected all schools across the country, the Alternative System Facilitate Student Learning Guideline, 2077, recently issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology with the objective of continuing the alternative teaching and learning process. Thematic audio-visual lessons produced from 2077.03.01 to 2077.03.31, thematic lessons of class 1-8 from Nepal Television’s NTV channel and class 9 and १० Grade 9 and 10 thematic lessons Dish Media Network Ltd. Dishhome, NITV Streamz Pvt. Ltd. Of NET TV and Mega Max TV Pvt Ltd. It is requested to create an environment where students can benefit from the lessons broadcasted as it will be broadcast from the School Education channel of Max TV. Likewise, all student brothers and sisters are requested to take advantage of these channels as per their convenience. Also attached is the broadcast schedule.

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