Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit ) Syllabus 2080 : Download Here

Greetings, aspirants! If you’re on the road to becoming a Section Officer Sakha Adhikrit, you’ve embarked on a journey that demands knowledge, dedication, and a strategic approach. To guide you through this expedition, let’s delve into the details of Paper I – the Administrative Aptitude Test. Buckle up; we’re breaking down the syllabus to help you navigate it with confidence.

Part (A) – General Awareness: Navigating the World

Geography: Immerse yourself in the physical, social, and economic geography of both Nepal and the World. Let the landscapes and cultures come alive as you study the intricacies of our planet.

History, Culture, and Social System: Journey through time and explore major historical events across the globe. Dive into the political, economic, and socio-cultural tapestry of ancient, medieval, and modern Nepalese history.

Religion, Culture, and Diversity: Uncover the rich tapestry of Nepal’s religions, cultures, ethnicities, languages, literature, and art. Embrace the diversity that shapes our society.

Polity and Governance: Understand the foundations of governance, from the constitution to right-based issues, witnessing the evolution of the Nepalese Administrative System.

Economic Development: Venture into the heart of Nepal’s economic landscape. Explore infrastructure development in sectors like agriculture, industry, trade, tourism, and more.

Sustainable Development: Tackle issues that matter, from sustainable development and environmental ecology to biodiversity, climate change, and the conservation of our natural heritage.

Science and Technology: Marvel at major scientific discoveries, inventions, and the impact of science and technology on human life and society. Brush up on your knowledge of evolution, heredity, health, and diseases.

International Affairs and Institutions: Navigate the complex web of international relations, from Nepal’s ties with SAARC member countries to its role in the UN System. Stay updated on major events shaping national and international landscapes.

Part (B) – Aptitude Test: Sharpening Your Mental Edge

Verbal Reasoning: Exercise your mind with tasks like series, analogy, classification, coding-decoding, and direction and distance sense tests.

Non-verbal Reasoning: Engage in the visual realm with series, analogy, classification, Venn diagrams, matrices, and figure formation and analysis.

Quantitative Aptitude: Crunch numbers with tasks covering arithmetical reasoning, percentage, fraction, decimal, ratio, average, profit, loss, date/calendar, time, and work.

General Mental Ability: Test your logical reasoning and analytical prowess.

Data Interpretation: Decode charts, graphs, tables, and data sufficiency.

Part (C) – English Language Competence Test: Mastering the Art of Expression

Comprehension: Read between the lines with fact-finding, inferential questions, core theme analysis, true/false identification, and language-based queries.

Vocabulary: Enhance your language prowess by understanding word meanings, identifying synonyms/antonyms, and navigating the world of derivatives and homonyms/homophones.

Syntactic Ability: Explore the nuances of language structure with questions on agreement, tense aspect, parallel structures, clauses, and more.

Section Officer Sakha Adhikrit First Paper Syllabus 2079/80 Download Here PDF




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