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Nepal Achieves Notable Progress in Human Development

Nepal has marked a significant milestone in its developmental journey, as reported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In the recent 2023/24 report ‘Ending Stalemate: Reimagining Cooperation in a Polarized World,’ the nation has been recognized for its advancement in the Human Development Index (HDI), now boasting a score of 0.601. This achievement is a testament to Nepal’s concerted efforts in enhancing key aspects of human development, including Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, education, literacy, gender equality, and life expectancy.

With this latest score, Nepal has ascended to the 146th position among 193 countries, showcasing an improvement from its previous rank of 149th in 2021. The country’s HDI has seen an increase of 0.010 points, outpacing the global average growth of 0.004 points. This places Nepal firmly in the ‘medium human development’ category, defined by an HDI range of 0.550 to 0.699. Additionally, the UNDP report highlights a remarkable surge in Nepal’s GNI per capita, which has risen by an impressive 165.7 percent since 1990.

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