NEB Board Vacancy 2079

The National examination board has announced vacancies for various posts.

Since the following vacancies in the NEB Board and the offices under the Board have to be filled through open and internal competitive examination, among the employees working in the offices under the Board and the Board, those who have reached the qualifications specified in the Regulation 22(2) of the National Examination Board Staff Regulations, 2076 This notice is published for the information of all concerned to submit the application form to the National Examination Board Sanothimi, Bhaktapur within 30 (thirty) days from the date of first publication of this notice at the regular fee and within 7 (seven) days after paying double the fee.

The notice of advertisement is also placed on the website of the board

NEB Board Vacancy 2079
  1. Type of Examination: The type of examination and the weighting will be as mentioned in the syllabus.
  2. Examination Center: It will be in Kathmandu Valley. The written examination for all the posts will be conducted by the Public Service Commission. The program of the written examination will be published after the time is fixed by the Public Service Commission.
  3. Application fee: Application fee for authorized first class is Rs.1,500/- (one thousand five hundred), for authorized level second class Rs. 1,200/- (one thousand two hundred), for authorized level III category Rs. 1,000.- (one thousand) and Rs.400.- (four hundred) additional fee for each type/group after that. For assistant level studies Rs. 400.- (Four Hundred) and Rs.200.- (Two Hundred) additional fee for each type/group after that.
  4. Candidates applying for open competition and internal competition should fill separate application form form Customs Board of National Commercial Bank, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Ch.H.No. 173010000013001 and the entire voucher should be enclosed with the application form.
  5. Last date for submission of application: 5/4/2079 and double fee till 5/11/2079. (If the said day falls on a public holiday, then the first day of office opening)
  6. Age limit of the candidate: In case of authorized level II category open, 21 years should be completed and not more than 45 years. Completion of 21 years and not exceeding 35 years in case of Officer Level III, not exceeding 40 years in case of female candidates. In case of assistant level first class, completed 18 years and not exceeding 35 years, in case of female candidates should not exceed 40 years. of the existing permanent employees of the Board
    There will be no age limit in case.
  7. Details of the work to be done in the post: The Board will be as specified in the Staff Service, Conditions and Facilities Regulations, 2076 and related services, group.
  8. Salary and other benefits: The board will be in accordance with the regulations related to employee service conditions and benefits, 2076.
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