Nayan Subba Question Set 2 : Loksewa Multiple Choice Question

Welcome to your Nayab Subba Question

When and where was the first Asian Civilizations Dialogue Conference organized?

In which article of the constitution it is mentioned that 'the relationship between the federation, state and local level shall be based on the principles of cooperation, coexistence and harmony'?

Bishukhola festival is a popular festival in which caste?

Stephen Tataw is a player related to which sport?

When is Election Day celebrated in Nepal?

Where was the World Trade Union's Asia Pacific Regional Conference-2019 held?

When is World Wildlife Day celebrated?

Which season begins after June 21 in the Southern Hemisphere?

Sabhana Grassland belongs to which continent?

Who is the first Nepali to climb the second highest peak in the world Mt K2?

Indian Rupee Nepali Rupee Exchange Rate When was the exchange rate fixed so that 100 Indian Rupees equal 160 Nepali Rupees?

Which city of Nepal is known as green city?

What is the position of Nepal among the countries that send peacekeeping troops to different countries at the call of the United Nations?

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