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Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result

The IPO result or ipo allotment of Mailung Khola Hydropower is going to to distribute the initial public offering (IPO) to the public on today at Siddarth capital at 10 am. According to Siddhartha Capital, the pre-allotment process of Malung Khola hydropower is almost done.The IPO results of the Malung Khola Hydropower will be release today at siddartha capital office .

Mailung Khola Hydropower had issued 7,36,286 units of IPO shares to the general public from 14 Srawan to 18 Srawan. At a face value of Rs 100, the IPO of Mailung Khola Hydropower is worth Rs. Rs 7.36 crore. Out of the offered 7,36,286 units; 2% of the total offered shares to the general public i.e. 14,726 units have been set aside for the employees of the company and 5% for the mutual funds.

Siddarth Capital Limited has been appointed as the IPO issue  manager.

 Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result

Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result : Check through
The Issuing CompanyMailung Khola Hydropower
Issue ManagerSiddarth Capital Limited
Secunity TypeCommon Stock – IPO
Total Issued Kitta (MF. Staffs & General Public)7,36,286
Per Unit Share Price100
IPO Issued Date2078-04-14
IPO Closed Date2078-04.18
Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO ResultNot Published

How to Check Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result ?

You can see the IPO result of Mailung Khola Hydropower shortly after the IPO allotment. As there are more applications than the ipo demand, the ipo of Mailung Khola Hydropower distribute will be lottery system . Investors can view the IPO results on cdsc’s website .

1] Log in at the direct Mero Share IPO Results link ipo :- ipo

2] Select ‘  Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result  in issue name;
3] Enter Dmat number;
4] Click at ‘Search’ button; and
6] Your Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result IPO allotment status will get displayed on the computer monitor.

How to check  Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Allotment status at Meo Share Website– mero ipo result.

One can do  Mailung Khola Hydropower  status check online by logging in at the Link In Mero Share Website — mero ipo result — website following some simple steps that are as follows:

1] Log in at direct link of Mero Share IPO Result – mero ipo result :- Mero Share IPO Results
2] Click at ‘My Asba’ in the dropdown menu;
3] Click Application Report
4] Click  Mailung Khola Hydropower
4] Click at ‘Report’ button; and
5] Your  Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO allotment status will get displayed on you device.

Siddartha Capital IPO Results follow to simple step and Check here ipo result of mailung khola hydropower.

Investor can check their IPO Results on issued manager website siddartha capital

Log on :

Next select Company Mailung khola Hydropower

and Next to enter your dmat number and see your results.

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